Monday, May 18, 2009
I've been trying to self medicate. It's been fucking awful. I try to eat every day the way someone on a "normal" healthy diet would: Protein, low carb, etc etc but I still feel guilty. I max....MAX out at 500 calories a day and I feel like my skin is crawling. How am I suppose to get up to a normal 12-1600 a day!? This is unbelievable. I need to see that I can eat this way and not gain too much fr me to be ok with this.....


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Tuesday, May 12, 2009
I have never had a problem with the unhealthy immoral ways of achieving my goals as long as it is the fastest way to get to a point. Maybe this, and it's created delusions and disorders, were my own remedies to what I think is a vapid life. I've in last night..realized this and am coming to the very slow conclusion that being satisfied with the negativity in my life that I have had a hand in creating will be relentless. It is a form of control, yes. But disguised as free will and spontaneity. Point in blank: I want to be happy and healthy. My attempts(and how feeble they may turn out to be) begin today. I'm excited...and scared...what if it isn't the bliss I hope?

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